Sunday, July 26, 2009

24th of July

Every 24th of July we gather with family to celebrate. This 24th of July we carried on the tradition. We started by going over to Casey's mom and dad's for some delicious pizza ( I forgot my camera so unfortunately no pictures). It was fun eating pizza and talking to Case's family. A couple of hours later we went to my mom and dad's for a BBQ. I must warn you, we had so much fun so there is a PICTURE OVERLOAD!
Case and I at the BBQ
I think Lydia had a little too much fun. She found a bucket of water with some toys in it and it kept her entertained the whole night.
Amy and dad
Jared (goofy as usual)
Ryan and Meg
Lin and Mer
Jessica (Jenny's friend) and Jenny
Scotty and Lin
Tim and Mom
Aunt Natalie
AnnMarie and Lydia
We went to find some fireworks but by the time we got there, they were over. So everyone came back and we did Sparklers. Between all of us we ended up doing about 900. We sure do love Sparklers!
Mer and Me
Trying to capture crazy designs with the camera
Happy Pioneer Day!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


It's one of those moments when you wish you had a camera. My sister's Amy and Mer and niece Lydia and I decided to go to Ikea this past week. Amy wanted a few things so she could start to set up Lydia's new room and the baby's new room so we thought Ikea would be the best place to find inexpensive but cute things. While walking around the huge store we found many cute things that would be great for Lydia's new room. One of the things we found was this bookshelf.
We loaded the bookshelf into the cart along with a few other things and went to checkout. Obviously we were not thinking, for we went out side to load the 5 ft. shelf into this
and it would not fit. We tried every way to load the shelf into Amy and Jared's car including: placing the shelf in the trunk, folding down the backseat so the shelf could lay half in the car and half in the trunk, placing the shelf diagonally in the car, and finally tying the trunk shut (non of us knew what to tie the string to so that plan failed as well). After about 45 min of trying to load the shelf in the car we decided to try one more idea, laying the box horizontally in the back seat. So i got in the back seat of the car, we strapped Lydia into her car seat, then Mer and Amy started to shove in the shelf. We thought we had it, but then tried to shut the door and it would not shut. Finally we rested the shelf onto the armrest on my side of the door, Mer got in the back seat and rested her side of the shelf on her side of the armrest on the door and we finally got the door shut. The back seat got a little cozy with Mer, Lydia, me and the giant shelf resting over our laps. No one sat in the front passenger side so it was like having a personal chauffeur.
While driving home we saw this...and we were wishing we had it.

We learned a valuable lesson that day, Never go to Ikea without a truck...or an elcamino.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

This past weekend was, as everyone knows, the Fourth of July. Case and I spent the whole day with family and we had so much fun.
We started the day by waking up really really early. The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday so I did not want to miss a thing. We were able to make it to the balloons early enough to watch the people fill the balloons with air. It was kinda cool to see the balloons be filled with air and get so big. Case went a little camera crazy and took a lot of pictures, here are just a few.

Casey's favorite balloon was the giant pig.

After all the balloons were in the air, my family called and said they had finally arrived. We went and found them and Mer took this picture of us.

Mer and I at the balloons
Ryan and Canyon at the balloons
After the balloons we went and found the "4:15 group" the family members who woke up at 4:15 to save seats at the parade. The parade is always a tradition with our family, we always go to Albertson's for donuts and snacks to eat during the parade. As always we carried on the tradition this year and ate donuts, choc. milk, orange juice and snacks during the parade.
Mom and dad during the parade--I'm glad they brought the camping chairs with the giant umbrella's on them because it started to rain and they kept us pretty dry.
By the end of the parade everyone was a little tired from waking up so early.

Cousin Jenny

Little Canyon
I forgot my camera the rest of the day so I don't have anymore pictures, but after the parade we continued to celebrate by going and getting snow cones. They were definitely needed, it got pretty hot outside. After snow cones and a nap Case and I went over to our aunt and uncles for our annual Fourth of July party. We had a bar-b-q, ate homemade ice cream, the boys played volleyball, and the girls tied quilts, it was so much fun.
After the party we ended the Fourth of July by going over to Amy and Jared's house for fireworks. I wish I had pictures of Lydia, she hated the fireworks and would cry during them until my mom started plugging her ears, it was funny.
I love the Fourth of July and I hate for it to be over but, I look forward to it next year!!