Thursday, February 26, 2009

Island Park

Me, Lydia and Mer and Ry in the background
Case and Daniel
Case and I in front of the cabin
This past week Case and I went to Island Park with my family. We have gone for the past three years and it has always turned out to be a blast.
Wednesday February 18, 2009--We were already to go pretty close to when we planned to go (shocking I know). We traveled to Ogden to pick up three snowmobiles we had rented. The lights on the rental trailer ended up not working, after a long 2-3 hours the boys finally got the trailer lights to work and we were on our way again. We finally arrived in Island Park at about 2:00 in the morning.
Thursday February 19, 2009--As you can imagine we all slept in for awhile. When we finally woke up the rest of the day was filled with snowmobiling, games, puzzles and fun.
Friday February 20, 2009-- We woke up early, ate breakfast, then sent the boys out on a snowmobile ride. They were gone for awhile so the girls played games. When the boys got back Case and I and some of my brothers and sisters went out for a ride. While we were out we saw a school bus almost completely covered in snow. When we got back my mom decided she wanted to go out for a ride, so case and I got to go out again.
Saturday February 21, 2009-- We woke up early again so we could get plenty of snowmobile riding in for our last day. That night my mom and dad took us out to dinner at our favorite pizza restaurant in Yellowstone.
Sunday February 22, 2009-- I always hate when vacations end. Today we packed up our things and headed home.
**We had so much fun, we hope we can continue to make Island Park a annual tradition.