Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What a Week

Wednesday June 17, 2009
Case and I woke up at 4:30 a.m. so we could make our 7:00 a.m. flight to California. When our plane landed we grabbed our luggage and started waiting patiently for our shuttle to take us to the hotel. While we were waiting, some Samoans were getting ready to board a plane. They were talking in Samoan and Case could understand what they were saying, it was so cool. We made it safetly (the shuttle drivers are a little scary behind the wheel) to our hotel and immediately headed for Disneyland. Our first ride was Indiana Jones followed by: Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Whinne the Pooh, Thunder Mountain, Soarin' Over California, Screamin', Hollywood Tower Hotel. Monsters Inc., Jungle Cruise, Astro Blasters (Buzz), Thunder Mountain, and to end the night Splash Mountain twice. We also ate churros, watched the beautiful firework show, and watched Fantasmic. What a fun day to start our vacation with.
Case standing in the line for Thunder Mountain
Our first and last meal in Disneyland. Two slices of pizza and a salad cost us $32.00
Thursday June 18, 2009
This day was the whole reason Case took me to Disneyland, My Birthday. Disneyland opened at 8:00 a.m. so case and I woke up at about 7:00 a.m. so we could be there when it opened. When we got to Disneyland we showed one of the workers it was my birthday. They gave me a $70 gift card and a pin that says "Happy Birthday Kimberley" on it. Complete strangers would come up to me and tell me happy birthday it was so fun. We started the day by riding Space Mountain twice followed by: Star Tours, Pinocchio, Storybook Land, It's a Small World, Case rode the Mali Boomer, Midway Mania (Toy Story), Hollywood Tower Hotel twice, Monsters Inc., Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Jungle Cruise.
Case even let us go to the Ice Cream shop in Disneyland (in lou of a birthday cake) and took me to Tony Roma's for dinner. I never imagined spending your birthday in Disneyland could be so much fun.

Standing in front of the Disneyland castle
Case riding the Mali Boomer (Casey is the one on the far right). Case was holding on for dear life and would not even look at the camera when I took his picture.
We had to eat churros and popcorn on my birthday.

Showing off my Happy Birthday pin
Friday June, 19, 2009
Our final day in Disneyland came too fast. We went into the park as soon as it opened so we could do the things we really wanted to do before we left. We started the day in California Adventure we rode: Soarin' Over California, Mullholland Madness, Bear River Rapids, Mali Boomer, Midway Mania, Screamin', Hollywood Tower Hotel, It's Tough to be a Bug (Bug's Life), the Train, the Monorel, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, Jungle Cruise, and our final ride was Indiana Jones. I was so sad to see our Disneyland trip come to an end.
Case standing in front of an airplane by Soarin' Over California

Case and I on Mullholland Madness
Getting ready to ride Midway Mania

Case and I in front of a waterfall in California Adventure

Before we left we had to get the famous picture of us standing in front of Mickey Mouse.
Saturday June 20, 2009
Since our flight left at 7:00 p.m. we had some extra time to kill. We decided to go to Down Town Disney to do some shopping and look around.
Case with Dearth Vader
Sunday June 21, 2009
We ended our exciting week with Father's Day. We were able to spend time with both our families and we had so much fun. We were also able to celebrate my birthday with my family and Casey's family. I have the best family in the world, they along with Case gave me a birthday I will never forget.
Me and Mer
Case and I
Lydia really wanted to help me open my birthday presents.
I was able to celebrate my birthday with my dad, I love when that happens.

My family sang happy birthday to me and Lydia helped me blow out the candles.
**Thank you everyone for such a great birthday!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,
Thank you for always working so hard to provide for our family.
Thank you for always being there for me.
Thank you for always taking us on family vacations.
Thank you for always telling me you love me.

Thank you for always being the best dad a daughter could ask for.
I love you dad--Happy Father's Day!!