Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nebo Loop

Yesterday Case and I, along with my family, drove the Nebo Loop. The crispness in the air, the red, yellow and orange leaves on the trees, and sweater weather, must mean fall is here.
Lin, mom, dad, Amy, and Mer holding Landon
Case and Lydia, Lydia loved throwing rocks in the water
Even Landon had fun...I think, he pretty much slept the whole time.
Look how pretty the trees are in the background
Dad and Lydia
The further we drove, the prettier it got. We even found this little lake which we skipped rocks in.
Case and I at one of the look out points.
Lin riding with dad on his Harley
Mom drove some of us in the van, while others rode on the motorcycles
Dad and Lin, Amy and Jared, Jared's brother Clark
**We had so much fun and look forward to it again next year.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Birthday Month

Dear Case,
I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and that you liked your present (I'm sure you did because you have not turned it off since I gave it to you). I had fun spending the day with you and going out to dinner to Tucanos. Thanks for all you do for me and for being the best husband in the whole world. Happy Birthday!!

Case on his birthday
Case, hooking up his new T.V.

Me and Case and his birthday cake
Dear Meg,
I hope you had a great birthday (September 2, 2009)
Dear Mom and Lin,
Mom-- I'm glad we were able to celebrate your birthday with you today (September 6, 2009). It was fun spending time with the whole family.
Lin-- We hope you are having fun in Oregon, but we missed not spending the day with you and celebrating your birthday. We look forward to celebrating next week.
Me and Lin about 5 years ago in Disneyland.
Dear Jared
I know your birthday is not for a couple more weeks (September 27, 2009), but your birthday is in September, a very popular month for birthday's I guess.
**What a busy month for our family.